Where Do I Know That Actor?

The regular suspects do it again this week. Saturday night on UNC-TV, viewers who tuned into Midsomer Murders and Doctor Who caught sight of several faces familiar from other series. See if you spotted them all.

On Midsomer Murders (part one of “The Green Man”), Barnaby investigates remains found after a cave-in. In the episode, actor David Bradley played Tom and John Carlisle was Lord Fitzgibbon.

Bradley’s credits go back over 40 years and he has been in dozens of TV shows and movies. To go off the public television script for a second, Bradley may be best known for roles in non-PBS pop culture fare like Game of Thrones and the Harry Potter films. However, he’s been a presence on our airwaves, too, and you may recognize him from several Masterpiece series. He was Mr. Broune in The Way We Live Now, Arnold Springer in Reckless, David Crimple in Martin Chuzzlewit and Rogue Riderhood in Our Mutual Friend.

John Carlisle is also an actor with an even longer resume but it’s safe to assume you probably know him best as James Forsyte from The Forsyte Saga.

Now, onto Doctor Who. The episode (called “Silence In The Library”) was the first of a two-part adventure that introduces a major character into the Doctor Who mythos. The character is River Song, played by Alex Kingston. Kingston has been in several Masterpiece series. She starred in the title role on Moll Flanders, she was Boudica on Warrior Queen and she played Dr. Blanche Mottershead on Upstairs Downstairs.

There were other actors that may have had roles here and there but these were the three that stood out to me.

Midsomer Murders (“The Green Man” part one) repeats Thursday at 8pm on UNC-MX. Part two airs Saturday on UNC-TV.

Doctor Who‘s “Silence In The Library” encores Thursday at 2pm and Saturday at 4pm on UNC-MX. The second part – “Forest Of The Dead” – airs Saturday night on UNC-TV.

Got a face you can’t place from one of the plethora of programs UNC-TV airs from the UK? Email me at sparkymac@unctv.org and I’ll try to help out.