Wednesday Trivia Question

What Sesame Street character saved Christmas in a 1996 PBS holiday special?

Since it’s the holiday season, I looked back at some of the specials we’ve aired over the years. I noticed in our current database of shows, there were over 500 programs with the word “Christmas” in it. As such, I picked one that jumped out at me and decided to make it the focus of this week’s trivia question. If you recall the Sesame Street special in question, this character helps Santa Claus when he’s stuck in the chimney and, as a reward, gets three wishes, one of which was for every day to be Christmas day. But which Sesame Street character was it? Elmo, of course! The one-hour special “Elmo Saves Christmas” was narrated by Maya Angelou and featured Charles Durning as Santa and Harvey Fierstein as the Easter Bunny.