Wednesday Trivia Question

Actor Martin Kemp, who played the dastardly Steve Owen on EastEnders, is also a musician who was a member of what English band, which had several Top 40 hits in the 1980s?

EastEnders fans may know this one by heart but it is the very definition of trivia. E20 owner Steve Owen was one of EastEnders most notable bad guys. He killed his ex-girlfriend, Saskia, and framed Matthew Rose for the crime. (Matthew later enacted revenge in a most memorable fashion.) Steve later became engaged in impressive feuds with Queen Vic landlord Dan Sullivan and the Mitchell Brothers. In fact, he was a prime suspect in the “Who Shot Phil?” storyline.

Martin Kemp left the series in 2002 after about three years of prime villainy. However, Kemp was and is the bassist for a London new wave band that became one of the most successful groups to emerge during the New Romantic era.

So, do you know the group? It’s Spandau Ballet. “True” was their biggest hit single here in the States. If you listened to Top 40 radio in the early to mid-80s, you definitely know the band’s work. Click HERE to visit their website.