Wednesday Trivia Question

On the TV series Red Dwarf, what was the name of Dave Lister’s pregnant cat, the descendants of which evolved into a race of cat people called Felis sapiens?

If you have never seen the program, this question makes absolutely no sense to you and probably makes you wonder just what the heck I’m talking about. Even if you’ve seen the show, you may have to think back to even remember Lister’s pregnant kitty. Fans of Red Dwarf know the zany, off-the-wall Britcom for what it is – an amazingly bizarre yet addictive series that has, throughout the years, gained a cult status for its imaginative premises and off-the-wall characters. It is a superlative example of the science fiction comedy drama genre.

So the question remains: what was the name of Dave Lister’s pregnant cat? It’s Frankenstein. Silly name for a cat? Yes. But that’s the beauty Red Dwarf.