Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

As you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, we here at UNC-TV are preparing for our WinterFest pledge drive. Technically, the drive began last night with the Alice’s Restaurant 50th Anniversary Concert. However, it won’t be until the weekend that volunteers arrive and the crew settles in for WinterFest in earnest.

If you get a chance to stop by and lend a hand as a UNC-TV volunteer (highly recommended, especially if you’ve never seen the inside of a TV studio), you are privy to the inner workings of broadcasting on a level not a lot get to witness these days – live television! Assuming you can’t volunteer, I wanted to share some shots of the WinterFest set as it sits idle, awaiting occupation by vols and staff. It’s more utilitarian than snazzy but it’s what you need when you have dozens of fantastic volunteers taking phone calls from viewers like you.

So take a look. See what we see on this side of the camera. And remember: we’re always looking for dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers if you want to see the set in person!