Where Do I Know That Actor? (Looking Ahead Edition)

Have you seen the TV series Ballykissangel? It’s a lot of fun. UNC-TV first broadcast it probably about ten years ago and I found it to be quirky and charming and all the things that make a British import so enchanting. We’ve been airing the show Sunday nights at 7, prior to the primetime drama slot.

Well, if you haven’t been tuning in, you might want to start. Beginning this Sunday, a face will appear on Ballykissangel that I guarantee you know from elsewhere – however not from public broadcasting.

Actor Colin Farrell got his start on Ballykissangel. He’s in 18 episodes of the series as Danny Boyle and this Sunday’s episode is his first appearance. (In full disclosure, Farrell has a few other credits before Ballykissangel but I think it’s generally acknowledged that this program is his first major role.) Looking at his imdb page, I cannot see any other series, program or special that he’s been in which we have aired on UNC-TV, which I find interesting. You’d think maybe one Great Performances or something but no such luck, as far as I can tell.

Regardless, if you catch Ballykissangel over the next few months, you’ll get an intriguing glimpse at a major force in show biz in the early stages of his career. I thought that was worth a mention.

Ballykissangel airs Sundays at 7pm on UNC-TV, encoring Tuesdays at Noon on UNC-MX and Wednesdays at 3pm on UNC-TV.