A Rose By Any Other Name

Charlie Rose stopped by Friday’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and joined in the Halloween fun by dressing up as Frankenstein’s monster. It was a very good costume (no doubt thanks to The Late Show make-up artists) but a wee bit more Groovy Goolies than Bela Lugosi, if you ask me.

Check it out HERE.


Where Do I Know That Actor?

Another week, another Doctor Who, another guest star.

If you caught Saturday’s episode on UNC-TV, you may have noticed actress Sarah Lancashire in the role of Miss Foster, the head of Adipose Industries. She’s been on UNC-TV a lot recently and throughout her career. Let us start with the most recent and head backwards, shall we?

Sarah Lancashire plays Caroline on Last Tango In Halifax (that’s probably where most viewers have seen her). She was Miss Audrey in The Paradise on Masterpiece. Speaking of Masterpiece, she popped up on Upstairs Downstairs as Miss Whisset. Where you heard her but did not see her was Lark Rise To Candleford, as she provided the voice of Adult Laura there. She was Nelly on Wuthering Heights, which aired on Masterpiece in 2009. Lancashire also portrayed Coral Atkins on Seeing Red (Masterpiece Theatre, circa 2000). She even had a guest role on the Britcom Murder Most Horrid.

So there you have it. Sarah Lancashire in the various places you may have seen her on UNC-TV.

The Doctor Who adventure “Partners In Crime” encores Thursday at noon and Saturday at 4pm on UNC-MX.

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