Wednesday Trivia Question

Martin Freeman played Mr. Codlin in what Masterpiece Classic Charles Dickens adaptation?

Since I’m still giddy over the news of the upcoming Sherlock special, I thought I’d spring a Martin Freeman question on you this week. Freeman’s been acting for about 20 years now and you would think an English actor with his talent might have shown up on UNC-TV in one role or another. Sadly, aside from Sherlock, I can only find this 2009 appearance on Masterpiece. Still, that’s worth a trivia question. What Dickens tale did Martin Freeman appear in?

It was The Old Curiosity Shop. Perhaps some of you English majors got that from the name of the character. Regardless, Masterpiece Classic first aired that Dickens tale in May 2009 and, as far as I can tell, it’s Martin Freeman’s only non-Sherlock role that UNC-TV would have shown. [Full disclosure: Freeman did play a D. S. Stringer in a TV movie titled Margery and Gladys. The program does exist as a record in our system but has no air date so I cannot confirm that UNC-TV ever broadcast it.]