Wednesday Trivia Question

What Pulitzer Prize-winning author took over for Alistair Cooke as the host of Masterpiece Theatre when Cooke retired in 1992?

I’ve touched on various Masterpiece hosts in the past but I don’t think I’ve mentioned this one. Alistair Cooke was the original host and left some very big shoes to fill when he stepped down from the host’s comfy chair in ’92. But exactly who replaced him? It was Russell Baker.

The Masterpiece website has this to say about Baker: “Millions of readers know Baker’s self-effacing style through his Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir Growing Up, its sequel The Good Times, 14 other books and 4,600 syndicated newspaper columns (also Pulitzer Prize-winning) written for The New York Times between 1962 and 1998 — the longest running column in Times history.”

So there you are. Overall, not a bad choice to replace someone as seemingly irreplaceable as Alistair Cooke.