Wednesday Trivia Question

What breed of dog was Wishbone?

You remember Wishbone, don’t you? He was the little dog with the big imagination who made literature come alive for kids in the late ’90s. Well, what kind of dog was he? Maybe you can picture him asking for more as Oliver Twist or wooing his beloved as Shakespeare’s Romeo. If so, you’re halfway there; you just need to know your dog breeds.

Give up? He was a Jack Russell Terrier! Specifically, Wishbone was a tri-color (white with brown and black markings) male terrier played primarily by Soccer the dog and given voice by Larry Brantley. PBS Kids no longer airs Wishbone but he left a great big impression on the many fans who watched him dig into fictional worlds. (Me, I’ve inexplicably had the Wishbone theme song running around in my noggin for about four days now, hence the question)

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