Viewers Like Q & A

Way back in the dark recesses of time, before I worked at UNC-TV, I was a viewer like you. I still am, of course, but back then I was just a young lad with a typewriter and a passion for public television programming. Every month I would send in my pledge check along with a letter. The letters were my way of reaching out and connecting with UNC-TV and I would simply let the station know what I liked, what I didn’t like and what I was wondering about how things worked. Questions? Yeah, I had a few. Normally, my queries were answered both politely and promptly. However, sometimes the questions were answered in a manner that prompted even more questions. That’s why, when I began working with UNC-TV, I felt the need to answer any question I received clearly, honestly and as openly as possible.

And viewers have questions, this I know. When I speak to fan clubs or run into someone who just learned where I work, the questions fly. “Where is my favorite program?” “Why do you do this?” “Why don’t you do that?” I’m happy to answer, glad to help, thrilled to clarify.

So if you have any questions, please let me know. I’d love to take the time to answer them in this space. If I get enough, I can make Q&A a regular feature. Simply email any questions you might have about UNC-TV or its programming to me at Kindly include your name (first name only is fine, if you want to keep your anonymity), your location (city, town or burg) and how you watch UNC-TV (over the air, mobile device, etc.). I will do my best to answer every question I receive and I can promise you that if I do not know the answer I will find someone who does. Barring that, I hope I will at the very least make my ignorance entertaining.

So? You got questions? Send them to me at