Wednesday Trivia Question

The Are You Being Served? sequel series, Are You Being Served? Again!, had another title in the UK. What was it?

Certainly anyone who is a fan of the Britcom “Are You Being Served?” shouldn’t be surprised to know the idea of a sequel to the popular program was suggested almost as soon as the TV series concluded in 1985. Seven years later, the primary cast reunited to star in two seasons of a this sequel (twelve episodes total). The title was changed for US audiences, no doubt to cash in on the popularity of the original “Are You Being Served?” among public television viewers.

This is a difficult one, folks. I don’t believe the title was ever referenced within the show itself so unless you saw the program in the UK it may not have even occurred to you that the title was altered for America.

The answer? “Grace & Favour.”

The shows creators felt the department store format was exhausted and set the sequel on a rural English estate formally owned by Young Mr Grace. The premise had the former Grace Brothers staff now running the estate as a hotel.

Since the term “grace and favour” is defined as “noting a residence owned by a noble or sovereign and bestowed by him or her upon some person for that person’s lifetime,” the title takes on two meanings.