Wednesday Trivia Question

What Academy Award winning actor played the character of Easy Reader on the children’s series The Electric Company?

I’m not sure if this is common knowledge or you had to grow up a child of the ’70s to know the answer. Regardless, it may be somewhat surprising. Give up? It was Morgan Freeman. (In fact, when I first saw him in a major motion picture in the late 80s, I exclaimed, “That’s Easy Reader!” Trust me – my fellow moviegoers attending the premiere of “Driving Miss Daisy” did not appreciate that.) Morgan played many characters on the show, as did most of the regulars, but he will, I feel, be best remembered for his time on The Electric Company as Easy Reader.

If you’re unfamiliar with Easy Reader or any of the greatness that was The Electric Company, a couple of DVD boxed sets have been released. You can also catch some clips online. But be kind – and remember the 1970s were a far groovier time than even those who lived through it often recall.