Wednesday Trivia Question

What are the three human characters that have been on Sesame Street since the beginning?

Sure, everyone knows the Muppets from “Sesame Street” but what about the human characters? I’m looking for the characters here and not the actors (and if you know the correct answer, you’ll know why that distinction matters). It’s a long-running show, so if you grew up watching it you’ve definitely seen them.

Give up? It’s Bob, Susan and Gordon. They were among the four original human characters when the show debuted in 1969, the fourth being store owner Mr. Hooper. Music teacher Robert “Bob” Johnson (yes, they have last names) has been played by Bob McGrath since the series’ start and Susan Robinson, a homemaker turned nurse, has been portrayed by Loretta Long from the beginning as well. Susan’s husband, science teacher Gordon Robinson, has been brought to life by several different actors, the most recent and longest-serving of whom is Roscoe Orman (he’s been Gordon since the mid-70s).

So there you have it. The three human characters that have been on “Sesame Street” since the very start.