Where Do I Know That Actor?

We have a two-fer this week. Both faces popped up Saturday night a two separate shows – Midsomer Murders and Death in Paradise – and the actors have a fantastic connection. See if you noticed.

On Midsomer Murders, actor Ian McNeice played a doctor who avoids a goat with possibly tragic circumstances. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, think of a former Saturday night staple. Ian McNeice plays plumber-cum-restaurateur Bert Large on Doc Martin. Of course, he’s been in dozens of other shows (Chef! and Edge of Darkness) and guest starred everywhere (Doctor Who, MI-5 and Cadfael) but Doc Martin is still in production so that most likely is where you know him.

Death in Paradise featured the other familiar face. The story centered on the murder of an athlete during an inter-island volleyball tournament. The coach of one of the teams was portrayed by actor Joe Absolom. Long-time UNC-TV viewers may recognize the name from EastEnders, where the actor played sulky teen Matthew Rose. However, Absolom is best known from a more recent show – Doc Martin. Now, here’s the connection… on Doc Martin, Joe Absolom is Al Large, son of Bert Large. Bert Large is, as I’ve said, played by the aforementioned Ian McNeice. How fun is that, eh? Two actors who play father and son on one series pop up as other characters on different programs on UNC-TV on the very same night!

The episode in question of Midsomer Murders repeats Wednesday at 4pm on UNC-TV and Thursday at 8pm on UNC-MX. The Death in Paradise featuring Joe Absolom encores Thursday at 10pm on UNC-MX.

Got a face you can’t place from one of the plethora of programs UNC-TV airs from the UK? Email me at sparkymac@unctv.org and I’ll try to help out.